“Tune Into Reading” also referred to, as TiR™ is an innovative, award winning, scientific teaching resource. This, internet-based computer program uses musical exercises to help students of all ages and academic backgrounds improve their reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and word sight recognition skills.

Utilizing the science of “melodic learning” the program is designed to help students of all ages and reading levels improve their reading skills through a revolutionary technique that taps into the brain’s unique ability to process information through music.

“Tune Into Reading,” has been studied extensively in South Florida, and has been the subject of several Academic Dissertations. Independent studies have documented the program’s success at consistently delivering reading gains of 1.5 years, among various student test groups. Even more impressive, these gains are experienced after only 9-12 weeks of
student-exposure to the program, delivered in three, thirty-minute weekly sessions.

In order to contribute as productive citizens in our democracy, and thrive in the world’s increasingly global economy, our students need a quality, well-rounded education.

We know that strong reading and comprehension skills are the fundamental building blocks of learning. However, the reality is that many children in our school system are struggling readers, and as a result, up to 50% are leaving school unprepared, and unable to read beyond a primary school level.

In light of this, TiR™ was quietly launched at Columbus Primary School in 2011 with the approval of The Ministry Of Education. The same success documented abroad was experienced here at home. This led to establishment of a successful private/public sector partnership, and the rapid expansion of TiR™ to over a dozen Government Primary Schools, and one Junior High School.

Currently, a growing number of struggling readers in our public school system are experiencing impressive reading gains thanks to Mission Educate Bahamas, and the support of a handful of concerned corporate sponsors. However, there is considerable ground yet to be covered in the national TiR™ implementation plan.

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