MOE Endorses Mission Educate Bahamas

Minister Of Education, Science and Technology, the Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald has endorsed the use of “Tune Into Reading,” a
revolutionary, award-winning reading intervention program introduced in the Government School System by local businessmen, Chris and Terry Tsavoussis.

Minister Fitzgerald brought opening remarks at a special one-day “Tune Into Reading,” Teacher Training Session hosted by Wendy’s for the Ministry Of Education’s Northwestern and Southwestern District Superintendents, Principals and Administrators at the Melia, Cable Beach. The founder of Tune Into Reading, Carlo Franzblau, and Dr. Susan Homan, Professor Emerita at The University Of South Florida, presented findings from the last decade of US studies conducted on the program.

“Tune Into Reading,” (TiR,) is the first literacy tool being employed in the Wendy’s & Marco’s Pizza youth empowerment through education initiative, “Mission: Educate Bahamas.” TiR is specifically designed to assist struggling readers improve their word sight recognition, comprehension, reading fluency, and literacy through a proven music-based methodology. Government Primary School test groups in the Northeastern and Southeastern districts have demonstrated results of 1 to 2 year reading gains, after just nine weeks exposure to the program.

Minister Fitzgerald praised the efforts of Chris and Terry Tsavoussis, saying:

“Wendy’s has displayed the power of true public private partnership. The government cannot do it by itself. Wendy’s has come to the table with ideas, funding, Tuned Into Reading experts, manpower, technology, security, training and the hands-on involvement of their “Top Brass”. The result is ‘Tune into Reading’ – an award winning, scientific teaching/learning tool that
uses music and technology to teach students, and improve their reading ability. We know as educators and parents that music and learning go hand-in-hand. It is the way we teach our children in kindergarten. It is the way they learn their alphabet and nursery rhymes. TIR builds on something that we know works, but it takes it to another level with the incorporation of technology.”

To date Wendy’s has invested two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to provide laptops, headsets, software, software licensing, and ongoing teacher training and IT support. The company is seeking local partners to expand the reach of TiR throughout New Providence, and then the Family Islands.

If evil prevails when good men do nothing, then surely we, as good, responsible corporate citizens, must act quickly and strategically to form private/public sector partnerships like this one, to fill the gaps, and take the necessary action to turn things around, and set us on a new, and sustainable path. To this end, I welcome other corporate citizens to join us on MISSION: EDUCATE BAHAMAS. It is a massive undertaking, but also an urgent need for our country. We may not have all the answers, but I assure you that together with the right core of committed, concerned, and proactive corporate partners we can work with the Government of our land to bring about sustainable, lasting change, starting with Education, explains Chris
Tsavoussis, President, Wendy’s Bahamas.

The Tune Into Reading Program was the recipient Of The Wall Street Journal’s 2007 Technology Innovation Award.

Posted on March 27, 2014 in TiR™

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