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  • First, let me take this opportunity to thank you for introducing the Tune into Reading program to our public schools, especially those of us in the Northeastern District. I have had the privileged of working with the program since last summer at Sandilands Primary School, Fox Hill and I am absolutely blown away by the progress that my students have made this past school year. I describe Tune into Reading as being a “breath of fresh air” or even a much
    needed “shot in the arm”.

    — Debbie Johnson, Literacy Coordinator, Sandilands Primary School —
  • Upon completion of the Diagnostic Testing for the academic year 2012 – 2013, out of the 173 students who were a part of the (TiRTM) program, every child showed some level of progress. It has been noted that many students moved up between one to four levels in reading based upon the results from The Holbourne Reading assessment.

    — Brenda Plakaris, Resource Room Teachers and TiR™ Trainer, Columbus Primary School —
  • Despite the aesthetics of the group, the administrators and teachers at Columbus Primary can boast of the students within this program who have demonstrated a significant increase in self-confidence and reading fluency. Many others appeared to be destined for improvement. It is the improved work performances of the pupils within this program which makes it worth the generosity of our sponsors.

    — Delene Wilmott, Resource Room Teachers and TiR™ Trainer, Columbus Primary School —
  • The boys and girls are rushing in the morning, getting their parents to get them here for 8AM, because they really want to go into the lab to do TuneIn To Reading.

    — Cozetta Johnson, Principal, Gerald Cash Primary School —
  • I’ve been at Thelma Gibson Primary School for 19 years, and this is the first reading program we’ve implemented where I’ve seen such success, so fast!

    — Cozetta Johnson, Principal, Gerald Cash Primary School —
  • It demonstrates that if we are creative, if we think out of the box in terms of reaching children; this program demonstrates what can happen.

    — Dressler Sherman, District Superintendent, N.E School District —
  • For every student who’s ready to give up because they know they’re not reading as well as the rest of the class, this is an answer. Even if they have a low self-concept, even if they think they’re not smart, they’ll try this…and then they’ll succeed.

    — Dr. Susan Homan, Professor Emerita, University Of South Florida —
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