There are currently over forty Government Primary Schools and institutions on the waiting list for TiR™.

Although the appropriate country-wide licensing has been acquired, many schools lack adequate computers, TiR™ headsets, and sufficient internet bandwidth to get started.

Over the past two years, Wendy’s has invested over $250,000 to refurbish school computer labs with laptops, purchase headsets, increase computer lab security, secure the software rights, and train administrators and teachers at participating schools.

Now, we need your help, to expand the reach of TiR ™ to every school, and student in the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas.

We invite you to explore this site, learn more, read the testimonials, and decide if becoming a part of this extraordinary, nation-changing exercise to empower our children through education and improved literacy is right for you.

From donating computers, to fully sponsoring a school, or volunteering at our annual Teacher Training Summer Workshops, opportunities to partner and help abound. No donation of resources, money, or time is too little.

Together, we can usher in sustainable growth and change, starting with our youth. We consider this mission our corporate responsibility and civic duty. We invite you to join us.


Here’s How You Can Help

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